CarPC Project

Inspired by some dashboard computer projects on the internet, I started my own project a few years ago.
The first version of my caputer is built as an additional case on top of the center console and the computer based as on a laptop was placed in the trunk.
The second version uses a motorised flip up TFT screen. The computer is stowed under the passensers seat.
the third version uses a small tablet computer, just integrated into the center console.
Beside of the dashboard computer, the car even get other technical updates.

Main function of this setup is:
  • Navigational information with online update
  • Tracking and visualizing of car internal information (e.g. driven distance, temperature monitoring etc.)
  • Multimedia system, in addition to the current Radio/CD system playing CD, DVD, MP3 etc.
  • Last but not least a simple mobile PC. On this base I can run any programs that will run on an Intel/AMD i686 class computer.
Please note: This system was designed for the enjoyment of my passengers. Whilst driving I concentrate only on driving (unless I'm in a drive thru,  parking lot or ferries).

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